Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Month Check up

So, we had our 6 month check up and needle today!

Ethan is a happy, healthy boy and took very well to this needle. Just a small little fuss and that was it!

He weighed in at 17 lbs 4 ounces, and the debate is on about his height.

The receptionist measures the babies, and when she measured him it came up as 26.1 inches, which is pretty much what he was 2 months ago. So, they are going with the thought that he was 'mis-measured' at his last visit, but infact, when measured correctly at this visit he is just about 27 inches. I tried to show the receptionist that, and she wouldn't listen. Basically when she measured him she didn't straighten his leg completely, and it was over to the side, which obviously will give you an inaccurate reading. But, she knows what she is doing best, so of course she wouldn't let me show her different! Oh well!! I know the real truth .... LOL!!!

Our doctor has given us the go ahead to start giving Ethan dairy as well. So he is good to have cottage cheese, regular cheese and yoghurt. Of course, no milk yet other then breast milk! He once again had no issues with the fact that we are on 3 meals a day as Ethan is tolerating it all quite well and really enjoying his food!

Next checkup will be in February as a follow up for the Kidney Ultrasound and then in March for his 9 month check!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crawling by Christmas? hhhmmmm

So, in the last couple of days Ethan has began gracefully moving from his sitting position to his knees and was caught a couple times rocking back and forth while trying to reach a toy. Is this a sign that crawling will be in our near future? hmmm!

It is quite fun to sit and watch him play now as he knows what he wants and is working quite hard to get it. He is trying so hard to be mobile; to climb from my arms to daddys arms; or to move across the play mat to get the other toy he is wanting to play with. To see the look of determination in his eyes is just amazing.

He has began to also really study things. Look at the toys and try to figure out how they work and what they can do.

We got rid of his jolly jumper as he didn't seem to jump in it, and we have swapped it out for a jumper-roo that my parents got from a neighbour. He seems to quite enjoy that, and his exercauser, and seems to get a really good jumping routine down in both of those.

I can't believe that he is almost 6 months already, time has just flown by. He is getting so big and learning so many things each day its crazy.

On another note, we have a second tooth. It has just popped through his gums now and is on its way up. So by Christmas his two lower teeth should be all the way out :D He looks so cute with his little teeth!