Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fun Continues

Well, the fun continues in our house.

Ethan is getting bigger and bigger each day and is learning many new things. He has started to stand on his own without holding onto anything, he is walking along any and all furniture that he can find. He is trying to climb on anything and everything. If there is something that he can climb over he will; tv tables, toys, legs, benches, foam cubes, steps; nothing can get in his way, and he certainly will not go around.

He has mastered climbing stairs as well, even though there was no practice required. He saw them and climbed them as if he was a pro and had been doing it forever. It was unbelievable.

He enjoys practicing his walking, and will tip over any of his larger toys to push along the floor to practice his walking. It is really quite cute.

We are running into issues with eating and sleeping again. Sleep has been very sporadic and all over the place. Still not doing much napping during the day, and if he does manage a nap it is usually a huge fight to get him down, and it only lasts for 30 mins to an hour tops. Night time is horrible with being up every 2-3 hours again for the last 2 weeks. Mommy is one tired lady. Not too sure if the sleep issues are due to teeth, 9 month sleep regression, night terrors, 9 month wakeful period or what, but I certainly hope that it will end soon and we can get back to sleeping.

Ethan has become what I want to call a picky eater ... lol ... although it is totally day by day what he will eat and when he will eat it. One day he will love something and the next he will just spit it out. So, I have no idea what is happening there, but it is keeping me on my toes and making me try and figure out new things. I never thought I would let my kid eat jello, yoghurt and animal crakers for dinner, but hey, if that is all he will eat, then I guess that is what he is getting :P

We have also figured out how to wave, say mama, and dada and telling many many different types of stories now. Can't wait for some of these sounds to turn into more words :D

Not looking forward to returning to work in a couple months as things are getting to be so much fun with him, but I know that it will be worth it in the end. Still trying to decide on what to do for work, and where to work, but hoping to find something in the durham region so that I dont have to do the commute to downtown and miss almost all the waking hours of Ethan's day. We will see what happens; so far no applications have resulted in anything!

Until next time :D