Monday, December 10, 2012

Time is Flying - 18 months old .... wow

Well as I figured I still have a horribly hard time remembering to update this damn thing as much as I wanted .... but here goes another entry.

Tomorrow will be Ethan's 18 month 'birthday'. I can't believe how old he is and how big he is getting.

This age is again become one of my favourites as he is learning and doing so much more. Each day he amazes me more with the new things he is doing!

So many words, so much character and personality, and so much fun. The kisses, the hugs, the laughs, the smiles, the attitude, the tantrums, the words and songs. Love this little man to pieces.

Ethan is almost done cutting all of this 'pre 2 year' teeth. We are working on the final 2 eye teeth on the right hand side, and I can say once again, Thank god for Camillia teething medicine and his amber teething necklace. Without those 2 things life would be miserable.

Ethan has become a parrot and a shadow. Everything you say he is trying to say it back, and everything you do he is copying you. He has become a real monkey with climbing on everything, jumping around and loves to dance.

One night about a month ago he brought tears to my eyes when I told him I loved him at bed time and he said 'love you' back to me. Such an amazing moment as a mother. He has only since repeated this 2 more times, but I say it to him all the time, and most of the time I get a smile and a nod ... lol

We have many more words now including:
Plus all the others that he has been saying for months.

Friday is his 18 month check up and I am anticipating good things as usual.

I think in January we are going to start to potty train as he is fully knowledgeable when he has gone #2 and he points it out to me .... He has am thinking it is just about time to start that venture.

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