Sunday, February 10, 2013

My oh My .... Almost 2?

Well, tomorrow my little man will be 20 months old - Just 4 more months until he is 2. Really? Where has the time gone? It is hard to believe that I will have a 2 year old little boy in such a few short months, but at the same time it is quite exciting.

Again I am loving this stage with all the learning and progress we are making. It is just unbelievable. Each day more and more attempts for words and even starting to try and have full out conversations.

Yesterday morning we were getting dressed, and he was counting with me. He is starting to recognize colours and he can point out Blue, Green, Yellow and Red almost always when we are looking at stories. He knows all his body parts, and is doing so great. I am very lucky to have a generally happy, pleasant and smart little boy.

Yesterday with all the snow that we got, we went out with some friends to play in the snow and go for a ride in a sled. He had a great time except when he couldn't walk because the snow was too deep. He was so cute all bundled up in his snow suit though.

He eventually decided he was done playing in the snow and wanted to try and do the slides and the playground. It was quite fun to watch his determination of climbing the steps and getting onto the slide. Definitley wasn't an easy thing to do in his snow suit but he managed quite well. He had a great time, and now mommy needs to find a good tobaggan for him so that he can maybe try going down a hill :) 

On a side note, it looks like we should be able to keep our house and not have to move anytime soon, which is a good thing as the housing market isn't too nice right now for any profit on our house. Life is coming along very well with great new opportunities and fun for 2013. Life for Ethan and I is definitley coming together and looking very positive. This is continuing to be an amazing year, and although it is flying by already, we are enjoying each and every minute of it :)