Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 5 Months Little Man

Wow! 5 Months already. It is hard to believe this much time has gone by already, but yet it feels as though he has been here for so much longer. Ethan has become such a part of our lives that it is hard to remember what life was like before him. Other then the freedom to go to a movie that is pretty much the only thing that I have found different about our lives. Ethan has gone everywhere with us, and he is so adaptable to go where ever it is great.

We just bought his new car seat today as well as he has almost outgrown his infant seat. He is getting so big and is so aware of things that are going on.

Since learning how to sit last month, he no longer enjoys tummy time or laying on his back. He just wants to be sitting or standing all the time. He is learning how to stand while holding onto things now as well, and does manage to stand for a good amount of time. He has also actually tried to turn and grab onto another item and pull himself over a couple times as well. I wonder if we will have a walker at Christams time? If not by then, I am sure it will be soon after. I have a feeling as well that he may just skip right over the crawling stage and go straight to walking. Soon we will have to start thinking about babyproffing the house. What a task that is going to be!

Today, we celebrate his 5 months with a Date night for mommy and daddy :) My dad has picked Ethan up this afternoon to take him back to their place for the night. We will be free of baby for almost 24 hours. WOW! What are we going to do? It already feels so strange to not have him here at the house with us. Last time we were baby free for a night we were in Niagara so it was a much different feeling. I wonder how well I will be able to sleep tonight and if I will 'hear the baby crying' while I am trying to sleep?

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