Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The True Discovery of his Toes

So over the last week or so Ethan has been noticing his toes and starting to try and put them into his mouth. It has been pretty funny to watch and to hear him as he tried to accomplish this mission.

On Friday we were at the mall with our mommy group and Ethan had socks and slippers on and he was being Very Vocal. He was talking really loud while looking at his feet. I couldn't figure out what he was saying or why he was being so loud and I finally decided to take his socks and slippers off, which resulted in him being very quiet. It was quite funny!

Then on the weekend he figured out just how to grab his feet and get his toes into his mouth. He even had both toes in his mouth at one point, which is quite funny!

Now that he has figured it out it had become quite the show when he has socks on, when he is in the bath, or even when he sees our toes. He 'yells' at them until they are in his mouth! What a funny guy!

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