Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rolling Over - Belly to Back

So for the last couple of weeks we have been practicing our rolling! Ethan enjoys his tummy time, but eventually gets sick of being on his tummy so I have been trying to teach him how to roll over to his back. He has been doing pretty good once I get him started with putting his head back.

To help with the teaching I have installed a mirror at the top of his play mat, so when he has tummy time it is facing the mirror, and we practice our rolling while he can see in the mirror what is happening as well!!

So, yesterday we were at Beans and Babes for our Tuesday mommy play date, and I put him on his tummy on the floor and looked up to continue a converstaion with another mommy. Well when I looked back down, Ethan was on his back. Of course I didn't see him do this, but he did it!

Then tonight, James was cleaning up after dinner, I got Ethan into his jammies and put him on his play mat for some tummy time. I was asking James if I mentioned him rolling over yesterday at Beans and Babes, and as I was saying that, I looked down at Ethan and he rolled over all on his own again!

What a big boy! He is growing so much, and learning so many new things it is awesome!!!

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