Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 Months Old

So today was Ethan's 4 month check up. It was a few days early, but still close enough.

I was really freaked out about his weight as I thought he had lost weight as I for some reason had it in my head that he was 15.5 lbs at his 2 month visit, but apparently he was only 13.4 lbs. So, I was relieved when I heard that.

So in comparison:

2 months old he was - 13.4 lbs, and 23 inches long
4 months old he is - 15.1 lbs and 26 inches long

He has met all the milestones in which he should and is a happy healthy baby.

I spoke to the doctor about having the baby on solid foods already and he had no issues with it at all. His only question was why I had started him on solids. So, I explained how I found Ethan wasn't satisfied at night with just my milk and that when we would eat dinner he would cry for food. So, the Pediatrician said no worries at all. As long as he is tolerating the food well and seems to be able to eat it well that I could continue on the path that we are going!

He also gave me a prescription for Domperidon to help battle my low milk supply so we are hoping that will help :D

Ethan did really well with his needles today again as well. He cried for just a few seconds, and then once he had some milk he was fine. He slept for the 30 minute drive home and then was in pretty good spirits for the evening. He is such a good boy!

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