Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Birth

Its a pretty fun, interesting and non-greusome story!

I was scheduled for a Non-Stress-Test and Ultrasound on Friday June 10th, which was 6 days past my due date. This was to ensure that the baby was ok, his heart was still beating strong and his size was good. As well to check the levels of my amniotic fluid.

I had pushed to have an induction booked for Monday June 13th as they wouldn't do it before I was atleast 41 weeks along in my pregnancy, and they tried to push me to 41weeks + 6days, so which I refused. I was so done being pregnant.

I had planned to go to the hosptial on my own that day, as I didn't want anyone to worry about taking the day off just to sit at the hosptial for tests with me. I would much rather then take a day off when the baby was here. But, my husband insisted on taking it off and coming with me. Which we were of course thankful for after.

So, at 8 am they start the test. The baby doesn't seem to be moving around too much, but his heartbeat is strong. We ended there at 9, and the ultrasound was for 11. So, we went downstairs to the ultrasound and waited around for what seemed like forever. We finally went in for the ultrasound and they said that the doctor in the maternity ward will have the results within the hour. So, up we went to wait in the maternity ward.
During this time I started to really leak a lot of fluid, of which I didn't really think too much about, just thought it was extra discharge or sweat; the unknowing of a first time mom!
Well, we waited and waited and waited, and finally at 3 pm the doctor had the results. The results were, the baby was big, and I had a leak in my amniotic sac, which meant Induciton immediately.

So, at 4 pm I was hooked up to the pitocin and the induction began.... and so did the contractions. Every 2-3 minutes I had a contraction and at first they were pretty small, and as the time went on they got stronger and stronger. Then they started going into my back. I had expected that I would have back labour only because my mom had back labour with all 3 of us girls, but the prenatal class teacher said that back labour was due to the baby being 'sunnyside up', which Ethan wasn't, so I had hoped that I would skip the back labour. No such luck. Man was it painful and uncomfortable.

So, at about 10 pm (6 hours after the induction started), the nurse checked to see my progress. I was 1 cm dialated and no baby in site. They increased the pitocin and the contractions got closer together and stronger.

I had debated on taking the epidural due to a fear that they would put it into the wrong spot and I would end up with spinal headaches which from previous experience I would not heal from properly. Plus due to my back surgery they had to insert the epidural into a higher area then usual, which meant it was a bit more difficult and had a higher rate of failure.
The anesthetist had been warned of my concern and of the situation at the beginning of his shift, so when he came to my room at 11pm he checked my back and said with 90% certianty that he would be successful. So, knowing that I was exhausted, that we had been at the hosptigal since 7:30 that morning, and that I was only 1 cm dialated an hour before, I gave the epidural a try so that I could end the discomfort of the back labour, and hopefully get some sleep before the pushing would begin. Was I ever glad that I took that chance. The epidural went extremely well, and made the night so much better!

At 7 am the next morning, the doctor on duty checked to see my progress once again. He had stated that I was at the highest level of pitocin that they could give and that hopefully things were coming along well. So, guess what ... 1.5 cm's dialated. I had gone no where, and progressed no where. The baby was still not engaged and had no desire at all to come out. So, that doctor said he would let the next doctor know, and that I would likely end up having a c-section.

So, the next doctor came on duty at 7:30 and did her rounds. She came in at 8, checked me and still the same results. She authorized the next dose of pitocin to hopefully help progress things some more, and said that it looked like it would be a c-section, but that she would let me labour for the day as they prefer to give things a good go before going that route. I was not too pleased with that answer as I was so ready to have the baby and meet him and just be able to be done with everything. But there was no sense in arguing or getting upset as the doctor would only do what she wanted to do.

So, at around 9 am they came in once again to check my progress, and once again I had gone no further. I was 2 cm's and it had been 17 hours since my induction.

At about 9:30 my dad left to go and let their dogs out (they arrived at the hosptial the night before expecting that I would deliver in the middle of hte night), and at 9:45 I sent James home to get the items we needed for the rest of the time in the hospital. My mom and sister went with James so that they could drop our car off at home rather then leaving it at the hospital. WHy is this relevant you ask? Well, at 10 am the doctor came in and said 'so, the OR is ready and empty, so lets get this show on the road and deliver this baby'. WHAT??? She had just said we were going to labour for the day ... no one was there with me other then my one sister. James had just left and so had my parents. I can't have this baby now ...OMG!!! The doctor says, well, we do it now or not until tonight as the OR is booked for the rest of the day. She asked how long everyone would be and I said probably about 30 mins. So, she said, ok, lets go get you started and hopefully they will be back in time!!!
I called James and told them to hurry but to drive safe, and into the OR I went.

At 10:30, just as James walked into the OR, the doctor made the first cut. At 10:55 am our son, Ethan Rayne Malyk was born; weighing 9 lbs 5 ounces, and 21 1/4 inches long. He was perfect, and the c-section was awesome!!!

Our little man was so alert and just beautiful. No mis-shaped head from going through the birth canal, no vernon or lanugo all over his body. Just a perfect little boy.

We spent the day visiting with the family and cuddling our baby. He figured out breastfeeding immediately and was doing amazingly!!

The next morning before the doctor went off shift, she came in and gave us the clear to leave that day since we were under mid-wife care.

So we got everything together and we were out of the hospital at 4:30 pm!!! Just 30 hours after the birth!!!

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