Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pregnancy History

So, with my history of a very sporadic menstrual cycle I wasn't 100% sure if I would be able to get pregnant without any assistance. I was on the birth control when we met, and with our wedding in October 2010, we had planned on me stopping the birth control about 3 months before the wedding.

We ended up stopping the birth control a bit earlier as I was experiencing a multitude of headaches which were attributed to the birth control. So we stopped the pill in May, at which time I had a period almost immediately, and did not have another one.

In October I was having a lot of nausea and just over all not feeling great, to which I at first thought was due to a high amount of stress at my job. So, I had decided that it was time to move on to another office and quit my job.

I then started having alot of pain in my hip and back and on Friday October 1st I was in so much pain that I was needing to take some pain medication in order to get comfortable. BUT, since I wasn't on the pill any longer I decided that I had best take a pregnancy test first before taking any  medication. Well, much to our surprise the test was positive and we were shocked. Our wedding was one week away, I had no idea how far along I was, but I did know that I was feeling worried that my dress wouldnt' fit!!! HAHAHA ... I had ordered it a bit smaller as I had planned to lose some weight between ordering and the wedding, and when I had tried it on for my fitting and before alterations it was a bit snug, so I was freaking out a bit.

We confirmed the pregnancy on the Tuesday by a blood test, and had an ultrasound scheduled for the week after to confirm how far along I was since we couldn't go based on LMP which was in May!

The other thing I was trying to figure out was how to keep the pregnancy from our guests at the wedding as I of course wasn't passed the 'safe period' and wasn't sure we were ready to announce it in case something went wrong. I had decided that I would 'pre-mix' a drink in a pitcher and keep it behind the bar and that would be my 'special' drink! It was perfect.

But, at the last minute we decided that since the wedding was just a small amount of people, and it was our most closes friends and family that we would just announce the pregnancy at dinner during the speeches!!

That ended up happening different as well, since as we were visiting with our guests after the ceremony and thanking people for coming, my sister says 'So are you pregnant yet' (they knew how much I wanted children and that we were going to start trying right away) .... So, she of course let the cat out of the bag without knowing. We had planned to tell my parents shortly after the ceremony!

My pregnancy was a fairly routine pregnancy with most things happening as they should, when they should.
I did however end up with morning sickness which was actually all day sickness at some points through the whole pregnancy. I was against taking any medication as I typically don't like to take medications in the first place, but I finally caved at 23 weeks and began taking Diclectin to help with the nausea.

I ended up leaving work at the end of March as it had become quite stressful as well as pain full due to having Pubic Symphisis  dysfunction, which is basically a mis-aligned pelvic bone, which was causing extreme pain and difficulty walking!

By about 38 weeks I was so done with being pregnant. I was in constant pain and I was so uncomfortable. I was awake every hour at night to use the bathroom and it was getting old quick. I knew that if I didn't go naturally by 41 weeks that I was going to 'demand' being induced. Being with a mid-wife they of course want you to go closer to 42 weeks before inducing, and I just couldn't imagine doing that.

So, my induction ended up being scheduled for 41 weeks + 3 days; Monday June 13th.

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