Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More tasty foods and Learning

So, we have tried a few more foods this past week, including sweet potato, papaya, nectarine, humus, green tea ice cream and mango ice cream, as well as wheat cereal.

This morning when Ethan was having breakfast he was done with the wheat cereal so I gave him some papaya. Of course the 2 items are durastically different in taste as well as colour. So as he wasn't finished the wheat cereal I figured after eating about half the papaya I would try to get him to finish the cereal. Well, he looked at the spoon of wheat cereal and refused to open his mouth. So, I took the cereal off and put more papaya on, and he looked at the spoon and gladly opened his mouth once again. What a little turkey. Too smart for his own good.

Tonight after dinner, as I know he is typically a bit thirsty after eating his meals, and if he has any breastmilk he tends to spit up as he is already full, so we tried a bit of water in a sippy cup. It took him about 10 minutes to figure out the sucking action rather then the chewing and biting, but he eventually got it. He even managed to hold the sippy cup and put it up into his own mouth!

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