Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yeah for Breast Milk

So, last week on Thursday when we went for Ethan's 4 month check up I mentioned to the Paediatrician that I thought I was having milk supply issues. I was finding that by mid-afternoon Ethan was not satisfied with my milk. He would thrash, punch and fuss any time I tried to latch him and he just wasn't getting enough to eat.

So, of course that is part of what prompted us to start solids with him.

Well, the paediatrician recommended that I try out a medication called Domperidon, which was original made for digestive track health, but one of the side effects was an increase in milk production. How they figured this out beats me, but hey, a bonus for us!!!

Well, it totally is working. Just 5 days after taking the medication Ethan has gained 7 ounces!!! WOOHOO!!!

No more milk supply issues, and a much happier baby!

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