Saturday, October 8, 2011


So I am really loving this age with the baby. He is learning so many things these days and it is just great.

Labour Day weekend (1 month ago) he really started to notice his toys and realize that he can hold them in his hands. Now, anything that goes into his hands goes into his mouth. He is starting to see the cause and effect of things as well, especially in his exercauser. He has realized that when he presses certain buttons or toys they make music and he loves it. Any time he hits the toys he looks up in amazement! So cute :D

This week he has started to play with his Sophie the Giraffe. Everyone wonders what it is that makes this toy so 'exciting' for kids. He goes crazy for it, which is just new this week. You give Sophie to him and he gets all excited and bites it and eats it like its going out of style. So cute.

Tonight, when we got home I was preparing Ethan's bath and so I put him sitting down on the floor by my feet. He often sits like this and just uses my legs for support, and every once and a while I will separate my legs a bit to let him sit on his own for the millisecond that he can. Well tonight rather then flopping over he actually stayed sitting. Just totally out of the blue! No flopping sideways, or forwards at all! So amazing; and just unbelievable. He can't sit straight up, but pretty good considering he is only just 4 months old!

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