Monday, January 16, 2012

And we Have an Army Crawler

Well, Ethan has been managing to get around lately by rolling and pushing himself in circles, but he is now officially an army crawler. He has figured out how to pull himself forward by using his arms, and is doing a pretty good job. He knows how to get into the cat food, the TV stand and anything that he shouldn't be into real quickly and you can see that he is on a mission to get there.

Right now he is playing with a receipt that was in a bag, which was in a box, that he managed to pull out. What a little turkey.

And of course he is talking away while he plays with the receipt ... I am sure  he is trying to 'read' it, as he does this with tags as well! It is quite cute.

His teeth are still bugging him, We have had a rough couple of nights with bed time as he has put up a real fuss when it comes time to go to sleep! He has had a high fever the last 2 nights as well, which was a bit scarry the first night.

Why is it that the fevers spike at night when it is bed time? Why are they find all day but then when it comes time to go to sleep its like a whole different baby? UGH!

Hopefully these teeth will come in soon though and we can be through all of this!

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