Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a Week!!

This week we have mastered sitting up from the laying down position,  pulling up on everything, sitting down for standing up, eating more solid foods that aren't pureed and a new crooked and fun smile!

Last night we did some practicing of sitting once standing, and it was really cute. I looked over at him in his toy area and he was standing at his train table, and kept squatting down really slow. Then he would stand back up and squat really slow but a little bit lower.
Finally his bum hit the floor, and he pulled himself back up and proceeded to do this a couple times. The amount of learning is just unbelievable.

He is army crawling all over the place and moving quite well and quick; especially when he sees something that he wants (the cats, shoes, the laptop wire).

We have a 3rd tooth coming in on the top and so far nothing too painful for him other then the drooling and wanting to chew.

We are learning so much each and every day right now it is amazing. I can't wait until he figures out the actual walking. Will keep us much more busy, but boy will it be fun!
Here is a picture of our new crooked over exaggerated smile ... so cute and funny!!

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  1. What an amazing week you have had. That crooked smile made me laugh sooo much on Friday night - every time I looked over at him, he gave me a crooked smile, then went back to what he was doing!! He now knows that if he shoots a smile at you, you will either smile back, or howl with laughter, and he likes that. Things just keep coming, Erin and you don't want to miss a thing!! Love Mom